The Controvesial Bikini Swimwear Of Louis Reard

The Bikini has always been controversial

Ever since the bikini was introduced to the modern world in 1946 it has always been controversial, when Jacques Heim first designed a swimming costume that was against the modern one piece swimwear trends of the world at the time he decided he would call this new two piece swimwear costume the Atome which is French for Atom. The two piece bikini was so small compared to all other existing bathing suits he knew it would instantly cause a storm and gain much exposure for being so controversial and outrageous. He was correct and much publicity was gained when he released it to the world and although by today’s standards it would be considered quite tame but back then it was the only one of its kind and was being compared to lingerie which meant it also had its detractors who said it was indecent to wear it in public and at the beach or even poolside.

Jacques version had a bottom that went all the way up to the navel and sat quite high on the waist, but there was soon going to be even more controversy because a man named Louis Reard decided he could somewhat improve on this new outrageous piece of bikini swimwear by making it even smaller and thus guaranteeing to get more publicity for his new design than the previous example called the atome. He knew it would need a special name for the amount of exposure this new design would receive but he was unsure what to name it until like a bolt of lightning it struck him. The bikini would be the name for this new bathing costume guaranteed to shock.

At the time the French were doing nuclear testing in the Pacific Ocean and one of the locations was The Bikini Atoll, so keeping in mind what a shock his new design would cause he knew that this new bikini swimwear would do great if he used the same name that was being associated with the big bang of a nuclear bomb. He was absolutely correct because from day one of his releasing the bikini it caused a stir and was even banned by some catholic based countries and organizations of the day. Some of the beauty pageants would not allow such perverse bathing suits to be used because this new bikini swimwear had a bottom that went much lower than the atome which sat high up to the wearers belly button, but Louis Reard proudly announced to the world he had split the atome in two and that his design gave women a much better suntan because of the lower bikini style bottom. The women of France embraced this new swimsuit and led the world in accepting this new form of swimwear but it was not until the likes of Bridgette Bardot openly wore one at the Cannes Movie Festival that the rest of the world finally realized the charm of what bikini swimwear had to offer. Eventually the Miss Universe also allowed the Bikini to be worn in competition and the rest is fashion history.

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