Live Dealer Casino Games – Part One

Online casinos with live dealer casino games are still very expensive for the gambling companies. In a regular online casino, a simple server can handle hundreds and thousands of casino players, but it is more difficult as far as the live dealer casino games are concerned. To run the business, it requires buildings, special equipment (video cameras, real casino tables, etc.), smart dealers, powerful video encoding servers, and equipment for broadcasting the video online. All of this, of course, increases the cost of live dealer casino games many times over. For this reason, online casinos only offer their players a limited number of games with live dealers. Besides the games, the most popular would be. Another thing that worries gambling companies more than the cost of the games is their trust in the fairness of online casino games. The majority of gamblers believe that there are more chances of beating an online casino with live dealer roulette or blackjack casino games than with pure computer dealer simulation.

And another important question is whether the games are suitable for video performance. Perhaps the most popular casino games are slots. In principle, making a video version of the slots is easy: install a camera for the slot machine, launch an unlimited number of spins from the reels and all is well. But players prefer slots because of their variety. You don’t want a slot, but a lot of slots are too expensive for a casino. In addition, online casino video slots are just like offline analogues. These are online casinos with live dealer casino games that do not offer slot games.

A completely different situation in one of the most famous and popular games – roulette. The nature of the game is believed to be perfect for a live dealer game. Aside from its popularity, “live” roulette has several advantages over a computer. Firstly, if a player loses their money it is easy to hold the online พนันออนไลน์ casino responsible for manipulating the game in favor of the casino by using fake software. Live roulette makes it possible to dispel all doubts. In addition, some professional players can improve their chances of winning by detecting mechanical irregularities in the wheel, following the dealer’s hand as the wheel spins, how the ball is thrown, etc.

Technically speaking, it’s easy to run an online casino with live dealer roulette games. The casino only needs a table with webcams installed. In fact, it would be uncomfortable for multiple players to play at the same table, no space to stand, the betting area is limited. Live roulette allows any number of players.

Blackjack can somewhat dominate roulette in its popularity. In blackjack, casino dominance is much less than in roulette and therefore some houses would rather artificially underestimate it. By playing blackjack with a live dealer, a player can greatly multiply his chances of winning by counting cards.

When in online casinos the package is shuffled after every deal (a computer does this in a split second). But in both live dealer blackjack and offline casinos, nearly half of the eight card games that offer card counting are played. But unlike roulette, there is one problem with blackjack – this game is more technically complex.

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